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Monday, April 27, 2009

Factory Farms Breeding Grounds For Swine & Avian Flu

Partial Repost with much thanks to: Animal Rights Movement

Swine Flu and Factory Farms: Fast Track to Disaster-HSUS

History of swine flu and links to factory farming

Avian Flu -

Help stop avian virus by going vegan
By Karen Davis, PhD

Recent articles in The Wall Street Journal, The Economist and elsewhere show the ongoing concern that the avian influenza virus H5N1 could cross our shores. So far, the virus has confined itself mainly to foreign countries, where reportedly it has killed fewer than 200 people, while instigating the death and destruction of hundreds of millions of chickens and other birds in the live poultry markets and factory farms that have enabled avian flu viruses to mutate and spread in the first place.

For read full article go to United Poultry Concerns - United Poultry Concerns and view poultry diseases link.

Antibiotics: Misused on Factory Farms

Jay Graham, MBA, PhD, a former fellow at Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future discusses the use of antibiotics in industrial farms and the public health risks it creates. He is currently a Polity Fellow at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Swine flu derived from Pigs:

Outbreaks among PIGS normally occur in late fall and winter and sometimes with the introduction of new pigs into herds. In the United States, studies have shown that 30 percent to 51 percent of the pig population has antibody evidence of having had H1N1 infection. Antibody can be due to vaccination of pigs for swine flu or from natural infection with swine flu. There is currently no way to differentiate antibody produced in response to vaccination in pigs from antibody made in response to natural infection with H1N1.

Key Facts About Swine Influenza (Swine Flu)

Microscopic Diseases caused by animals raised for food

Avion Bird Flu

Even the spinich and tomato outbreaks were caused by sanitation animal handling in the area.

Heart Disease:
I would still be much more concerned about the leading killer in the USA - Heart Disease mainly from our animal product based diets.

Why You Should Consider Adopting a Vegetarian DietVegan Outreach
The Truth is hard to find! Bu$inesses lie for your money and older people are resistant to change.

Baxter To Develop Swine Flu Vaccine Despite Bird Flu Scandal

The fox has been given the duty of guarding the henhouse
[Just like the Federal Reserve in charge of "recovering" our economy!]


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