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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hunting~Wildlife Abuse


A proud and callous hunter's truck displays the slogan "If it flies, it dies." Apparently, for New Jersey bowhunters, kicking a disoriented bird into half-flight is enough of a reason to kill.

On May 24th, the organization, Animal Protection PAC, held a press conference to expose members of the United Bowhunters of New Jersey and urge a criminal investigation. According to the bowhunting group's own website, pheasants were bought, "put to sleep", and taken to private land, whereupon the birds then had to be kicked and prodded into flight, only to be shot down at close range. The UBNJ video and comments have since been removed from their site and the bowhunters have threatened to sue the animal protectors.

SHARK's anti-hunting web site is named HuntersRapeNature. com. This has drawn heavy criticism from hunting apologists. Hunters insist that they are conservationists and sportsmen, and that they respect those they wantonly slaughter.

Their own video footage refutes their argument. Not only are these people obviously thrill killers of cage-raised birds, but there has been a profound silence from the rest of the hunting community about this matter that speaks volumes about the entire world of hunting.

Where is the protest against this unseemly, sleazy slaughter from the National Rifle Association (NRA), the International Bowhunting Association, North American Bowhunters, National Hunters Association, Professional Bowhunters Society, International Archery Foundation, Pheasants Unlimited, Ducks Unlimited, Buckmasters, Christian Sportsmen's Fellowship, Hunting & Shooting Sports Heritage Fund, U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance or Safari Club International--to name just a few? There is no protest. This is the world of hunting.


All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. ~ Thomas Jefferson

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