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Monday, April 6, 2009

Savage bear hunt season is here

Abolish legalized animal cruelty - Abolish Hunting

These organization are pro-hunting



Quote from a bear hunting site.

"If you want to know more about hunting, where you can go, or if you need more information on the black bear go to The Nature Conservancy, or you can call the game warden."


National Wildlife Federation Supports HUNTING - Montana Hunting & Fishing Journals -
Colorado Hunting and Fishing Information - Recreational Hunting and Wildlife Conservation Plan Released -

More bear hunting cruelty videos. These videos were uploaded by anti-hunters so please do not flag.

black bear murders montage

murder in the woods

Faces of Evil

Please do not forget to veto Sunday deer bowhunting

URGE TO VETO S. 802 BY CALLING (609) 292-6000 or Fax: (609) 292-3454.

E-MAIL using a WEB FORM or write
Office of the Governor
PO Box 001
Trenton, NJ 08625

Don't be fooled by the name and end up helping the enemy

During a recent province-wide tour, WCWC wildlife campaigner Anthony Marr discovered how difficult it will be to achieve a ban on bear hunting… In public meetings to promote holding a vote on the issue, he was usually hounded by dozens of angry hunters who tried to intimidate him. "In Port Alberni, 60 of them showed up, and there were only five environmentalists," Marr said. "They are organized and they are hostile, and when they show up, it's 10 to one â€" ten of them to one environmentalist."… Marr will speak about this issue on Thursday (August 8) at the H.R. MacMillan Planetarium at 7:30 p.m.- and he expects to see angry hunters in the audience. "I'm beginning to enjoy confronting them," he chuckled.

by Larry Pynn
[Activist angers hunters with campaign to outlaw bear hunt through referendum]

Anthony Marr is on almost every hunter's hit list for his efforts to get bear hunting banned in BC… Marr has just completed a seven-week-tour of more than 50 BC communities… It hasn't been easy for Marr, who has been dogged by hunters equally determined to kill his campaign before it gets off the ground… 'I know some gung fu, but I can take on only one unarmed hunter at a time,' he says with a smile "Deep down inside, it's a moral issue," says Marr, who estimates that at least 90 per cent of hunters shoot bears for the trophy and that 65 per cent actually come from urban areas. "It's immoral to kill for entertainment. And abominable that adult teach their children to kill for fun."... The BC Wildlife Federation has set aside $40,000 so far to counter the environmentalists. The hunter lobby will place ads, and attempt to shadow petition canvassers as they make their way door to door...

(For a full account of this campaign, which eventually was hailed by the Globe-and-Mail as "the highest profile wildlife campaign in Canada in 1996", please see the Anti-Trophy-Hunting section of

The whole point of these media excerpts is to first give you a taste of the hunters as an organized force, and to arrive at the name of the organization doing the organizing of the hunters as a force - the BC Wildlife Federation (35,000 members).

During the campaign, many people not familiar with the hunting-v-anti-hunting scene got very confused. "Why is the Western Canada Wilderness Committee fighting the BC Wildlife Federation? Aren't they both on the same side?" was a common question of the year in BC.

The truth of the matter is that the BC Wildlife Federation, and the Alberta Wildlife Federation, and the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation, and the Manitoba Wildlife Federation... and the umbrella Canadian Wildlife Federation, are all hunters' clubs. And yet, using an animal-friendly word like "wildlife" and an illusory name like "wildlife federation", they have scooped millions of dollars' worth of donations from the anti-hunting yet ill-informed general public.

Wildlife Abuse Campaign - Ending The Killing of Animals For Trophies And Pleasure

Now, I see that almost all of my AR friends in MySpace have among their friends a group whose acronym is NWF.

Now there is nothing against the law or rule or protocol for an anti-hunting AR person to have the NWF as a friend. I just want them to first of all understand the true nature of these "WFs", and then decide if they still want its logo to appear in their "top friends" list. I just don't want anyone whose heart is pure to be fooled by a name and end up contributing to the killing of our beloved wild animals.

Anthony Marr, founder
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)



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