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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pitbulls - Background and History

Pitbulls - Background and History

This is just a brief overview of the history of the 'breed'
Pitbulls, once a beloved breed known as the 'nanny dog,' is now one of the most reviled, despised and abused breed of dog in many segments of society. The name 'pitbull' is used to describe any of three main breeds, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier as well as any mix of these breeds. So 'pitbull' is not really even a breed, it's more of a tag given to a population of dogs that have a specific genetic makeup that includes any of the three main breeds or even any dog that displays certain qualities and characteristics but which may not even contain any genetic relation to the three breeds.

The pitbull type dog originated on England and through specific breeding of bull dogs and terriers, the pitbull was born. And yes, the pitbull was originally bred as a fighting or "baiting" dog.

In England these 'baiting' dogs were used to control and dominate bulls. Eventually the owners of these dogs, who wanted to show off their skills, created public displays in which the dogs were placed in a ring with a bull and by sheer tenacity and determination, overcame the much larger animal.

When it came to breeding, one of the main aspects was to get a strong tenacious dog with a even temperament that would be aggressive toward an animal adversary but completely non-aggressive toward humans.

Although bull baiting was eventually outlawed in England, people had developed a taste for the bloody sport and turned to pitting dog against dog.

When English immigrants emigrated to the US in the 19th century, along with then they brought the dog and the cruel sport and dogfighting was born in the US.

As time moved on though, these dogs, quickly known for their loyalty and intelligence, became much more than just fighting dogs. They became herding dogs, working dogs and companions.

They became, in short, a well beloved breed in the hearts of America. There are many famous and well known pitbulls and many famous and well known people have owned them.

Even today, pitbulls are police dogs, search dogs, therapy dogs, working dog and of course beloved companion dogs.

They have a long and wonderful and rich history but all of that has been eclipsed the myth and hype.

Sadly, there has always been that underground and not so underground of the pitbull as a vicious fighting dog and the cruel, the heartless, the irresponsible all help to feed that reputation as does the media today.

Now, this once beloved symbol of Americana is the target the BSL - Breed Specific Legislation all over the county as well as the world. They are also the most abused 'breed' of dog and they make up the largest 'breed' population in animal shelters succumbing to their death warrant more than any other breed of dog.


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