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Saturday, April 18, 2009

B-Dealers AKA Bunchers~How To Protect Your Dog


Date: 18 Apr 2009, 22:26

From: Cathy


B-Dealers AKA Bunchers__How To Protect Your Dog

It is Spring and warmer weather is coming. I would like to remind everyone, tell your friends, neighbors, relatives, everyone, NEVER EVER go away from home and leave you dog/s outside. Put them in the house or basement, or a safe secured place out of the view of the public eye.

There are what is called "bunchers" that are continually out patrolling for dogs and yes "your" dog. Bunchers steal family pets. When they get a "bunch," they sell them to research for a heafty price. Average is $200-400 per dog. Domesticated dogs make the best dogs for research. These ruthless people, monitor your area, your routine and watch for dogs for when they are left outside. They normally travel in pairs, one buncher drives, the other jumps out and snatches the dog.

Dog Pelts: Last month in Ohio, 14 dogs were found skinned and animal control felt their pelts could have been the reason. Pelts are put on cloths and are popular in many countries.

There are also dog fighters that gather dogs and cats and use them as bait to get their fighting dog ready for a fight. Dog fighting purses range from $20,000-$50, 000 per fight.

There are also ruthless people that would snatch your dog and sell it on the black market for pets.

The economy is an issue and many are looking for ways to make money. I can't stress enough how important it is to secure your pets when your not home and watch them when you are home. A dog can be snatched in a matter of seconds


Protect Your Dog from Loss or Theft
It is estimated that 1.5 million dogs and cats are stolen every year in this country. "Bunchers" roam the streets and drive the back roads of the rural areas in search of dogs to sell to laboratories or to be used as bait to train dogs to fight. Some are resold to new families. They lure dogs with pieces of steak and even steal them from their own back yards.

Just imagine for a moment how your dog would feel if he was stolen and was sold to a laboratory where he was used for experiments. He would be wondering what he did wrong. He would be so sad and lonely. And he would die in pain. Or imagine if he was sold to a dog fighting ring. They mutilate dogs to encourage their dogs to learn to fight. He would die in terror.

Your dog relies on you to protect him.

The first line of defense is always a good offense.

1. Do not ever let your dog roam.

2. Every dog should have a fenced yard. The only safe fence is one that protects your dog from anyone who would try to come in and steal him. An electric fence only keeps your dog in it does not prevent another dog from coming in and hurting him or a bunched from coming onto your property and taking him. (Also, in our experience electric fences do not work for many breeds. )

3. Even with a fenced yard, no dog should be outside without supervision of his people. No dog should be left outside when their people are gone. No dog should be able to go to the yard when his people are at work.

4. You should have many current photos of your dog. A photo of your puppy when he was 6 months old is not going to help much if he is stolen when he's two years old.

5. Be certain that your dog has tags that have your name and phone number on them. Put the word "REWARD" in large letters at the top of the tag so anyone who has stolen your dog will have incentive to call you about him rather than sell him.

6. We do not recommend tattooing your dog because we know of dogs who have had their ears cut off because they were tattooed.

7. Microchip your dog. AVID is the most recognized of microchips. Talk to your vet about getting your dog chipped.

What to do if your dog is missing.

1. Call every shelter, veterinary clinic, law enforcement office within a 100 miles. Many dogs can run very fast and get far away quickly. But also, sometimes bunchers will dump dogs miles and miles away from their homes.

2. Call every radio and tv station including public radio and tv and cable stations. Ask them to run an announcement. Offering a large reward sometimes will encourage them to run the announcement.

3. Call everyone you know to join in the search. Get search parties out in organized patterns immediately. The majority of pets who are found are found within 24 hours so act as quickly and without as much people power as possible.

4. Put up REWARD posters all over the area. They should be large, in color and with photos. Many copy centers can make color copies. You can take a photo to them and have them enlarg it onto large pieces of paper. Glue them on poster boards. Write clearly and neatly. Make smaller copies of the same thing in flyer form. Put stacks of flyers at businesses, libraries, the post office, banks and other places where many people visit in the area. Put them in mail boxes for many miles.

5. If your dog has been stolen by a Buncher they are required by the Animal Welfare Act to keep records of all the animals they handle. They are also required to hold the dog for five days before they ship them. All every dealer and hauler who is licensed with the AWA and go see the dogs they have. You can't trust them to look for your dog if you call so you have to see the dogs. You may have to get the police to go with you. You can get the list of dealers and haulers from the AWA at 310.436.7833. Of course this does not apply to people who steal dogs to sell to the fighting world or to resell. This only applies to resale to laboratories. Consider hiring an off duty police officer to go with you to the facilities.

6. Leave your fence gate open in case your dog comes home on his own he can get into his yard and won't be as likely to leave again.

7. Post the information to every dog related newsgroup on the Internet. There are many search groups on the Internet. One of the most recognized is

8. Ask your mailcarrier if s/he would take around flyers to the homes they deliver mail to. Talk to the UPS, Fed Ex, RPS drivers. They drive the neighborhoods and can keep a watch out for your dog.

9. Don't give up. Some dogs are found months or years later.

Unfortunately this is not a safe world for dogs. Our dogs are members our families. We have to protect them.


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