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Friday, March 13, 2009

MT: Tell Senate to Keep Horse Slaughterhouses Out of Your State!

MT: Tell Senate to Keep Horse Slaughterhouses Out of Your State!

MT HB 418—Allows Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption
Sponsor(s): Rep. Ed Butcher
ASPCA Position: Oppose
Action Needed: Please call the Montana Senate Agriculture, Livestock, and Irrigation Committee today and urge its members to oppose HB 418.

Update, 3/11/09: Unfortunately, HB 418 passed the Montana House and moved to the Senate, where it is currently being considered by the Agriculture, Livestock, and Irrigation Committee.

Introduced by State Rep. Ed Butcher, Montana House Bill 418 would allow investor-owned horse slaughter plants to operate in Montana and prohibit courts from granting injunctions to stop or delay the construction of a horse slaughter plant. It is strongly opposed by the ASPCA.

Please understand that horse slaughter is NOT euthanasia—it is the processing of horses into meat for human consumption. Proponents of this bill claim that the slaughter of unwanted horses is more humane than euthanasia, but nothing could be further from the truth. Until our country’s final three horse slaughter plants were closed two years ago, horses were often injured even before arrival due to overcrowded conditions during transport. Some were shipped for more than 24 hours at a time without food, water or rest. The methods used to slaughter these horses rarely resulted in a quick death. The horses often endured repeated stuns or blows, and sometimes remained conscious during their slaughter.

Americans do not eat horse meat—this bill benefits only the interests of specialty markets overseas. Horse slaughter plants are not clean/green enterprises, and have proved economically draining and environmentally damaging in other states. After hard-fought battles, Texas and Illinois were finally able to close down the U.S.’s last horse slaughterhouses in 2007. We should learn from those states and not bring an economic and environmental burden to Montana.

What You Can Do
Call the Montana Senate Agriculture, Livestock, and Irrigation Committee immediately to urge opposition to House Bill 418.

You can leave a message for the Montana Senate Agriculture, Livestock, and Irrigation Committee by calling (406) 444-4800.

When you call, you will speak to a staff member who will take your name and your message. All you have to say is that you would like the Senate Agriculture Committee to oppose House Bill 418, legislation that will allow horse slaughter plants to operate in Montana. Be sure to thank the person you speak with for taking the time to register your opinion.

Please also encourage your spouse and all your friends and family living in Montana to make this important phone call and help defeat HB 418.

Use the link below to let us know you called—we really appreciate it! Thank you for your help, Montana.

*Please note, only Montana residents should call Montana state legislators.

This is done

Make a call to Montana Senate Agriculture, Livestock, and Irrigation Committee Committee Staff's Office

Phone: (406) 444-4800


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