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Sunday, March 29, 2009

THE FACTORY FARMS****[Warning Graphic]

Huge Factory Farms are where most meat comes from, even the typical standards are horrible.


Babe's Unhappy Pig Factory Farm Buildings:

Turkey Factory Farm Buildings:

*Tiny cages so that they will fatten up from lack of exercise.

Battery Caged Eggs:

From birth to death they suffer, for your instant taste of cooked flesh! Covers milk, eggs to chicken, pig and cow flesh.
Fish, look that up too!

Meet Your Meat (


My 100 Animal Right video playlist link:

Never trust serial killers to treat your meat well, many of these workers obviously enjoy torturing the mammals since they have mental issues.
No more happy meals full of meat! Wonder why you never see chickens or pigs when you occassionally drive by a nice old fashion small farm? Trust good people over good businesse$ that will lie to get your money!

Brought to you by: (save/favorite links)
MFA, COK, AFA, VeganOutreach, HSUS, PETA, FARM and some other groups and a few good people.

Still not convinced, look up and go visit your nearest factory farm building. Many hunters even think its inhumane, but all meat in 2009 is so unnecessary so lets extinct it lol. See my page, blogs and top friends for more.  Thanks for caring, its rare with so many selfish people.
 Please repost to inform others about factory farms so they can one day all be abolished, like in some other leading countries!

xo me

Meatrix Cartooon - Family to Factory Farms



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