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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Get Involved To Help Farm Animals!

Farm Sanctuary

Action Alerts & Updates

This Bill Really Stinks!

Emissions from factory farms could be exempt from the Clean Air Act under a new bill introduced in Congress. Greenhouse gasses generated from animal agriculture are a top cause of climate change and Big Agribusiness doesn’t want to take responsibility for their part in global warming.

Let your legislators know that this bill stinks!

Is that a clone in the food supply?

With a green-light from the FDA, meat from cloned animals may be on its way to market. But without labels, shoppers won’t be able to recognize and take a stand against these products. In reaction to these developments, numerous states have introduced bills during the 2009 session to mandate labeling of cloned animal products. These initiatives are critical for protecting animals and the right of consumers to say NO to these products of cruelty.

Take action.

Illinois: It’s time to give farm animals room to stretch
their limbs!

Illinois may be the next California when it comes to ending the cruel confinement of farm animals. The Illinois State Legislature is currently reviewing a bill, SB 1337, which would require that three species of farm animals in Illinois be given enough room to stretch their limbs, lie down comfortably and turn around for the majority of each day.
The recent passage of California’s Proposition 2 has proven that we can reform the factory farming system — but only when we make our voices heard!

California cows need you to push back today and tell your elected representatives to support this modest but important reform.

Should your town be able to prohibit farm animal cruelty?
Big Ag says no! (Oklahoma Only)

The more people learn about how farm animals are being cruelly treated on factory farms, the more they are saying “no more!” Now that citizens in Florida, Arizona and California have all passed ballot initiatives to ban inhumane confinement practices, factory farm interests are digging in against reform in other states. If Oklahoma House Bill 2151 is signed into law, the rights of Oklahoma citizens to decide how farm animals are treated in their state will be pre-empted by the state legislature, where Big Agribusiness’ deep pockets and lobbying ties can make sure no reforms are made, ever.

Take action.

Maine: Keep Foie Gras Cruelty Out of Your State

Legislation has been introduced in Maine to ban the cruel force-feeding of ducks and geese to make foie gras, a pricey “delicacy” that is the result of immense animal suffering. If passed, the proposed bill will bring Maine in line with other progressive legislatures in California and more than a dozen other nations that have taken a stand against cruelty and banned foie gras production.

Take action by contacting your state legislators today!

More Action Alerts Here >> Please add your voice for
our farm animals! Thank you!!

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