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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Posted By: Flame תיקון עולם ☤

I LOVE this! It makes all of my points in one!:

I've been writing about the natural human diet for years, and then this guy comes along and compresses god-knows how many articles into a seven minute video XD!

I had a totally different upbringing to this guy though; I come from a family of self-sufficient Bikers!

It's awesome, I love it =]

Here is such an article by the way:

“Ah, hang on, but what about our eyes? They are those of a predator?”

Eyes on the front of your head do not make you a predator. We used to live in trees; the forward-facing eyes are indeed for depth perception, so that we were able to leap from branch to branch energetically and unhesitatingly:

There are many Animals who consume completely plant-based diets while possessing forward-facing eyes. The closest thing that we ever naturally came to eating meat was the eating of small insects that lived on the tree branches, feel free to go out and try those, they won't provide much in terms of nutrition though.
We were above most predators and simply didn't need eyes on the sides of our heads.
In contrast, carnivorous predators such as the Mulgara have eyes on the sides of their heads! The World's largest ever non-reptile carnivore, Postosuchus had side-facing eyes.

All of our body aspects are entirely different from those of omnivores (omnivores share the predator elements with carnivores in order to consume the meat). Small Herbivorous canines are vastly unsuitable for meat, made obvious when you try to enact the predator role without unnatural tools. Even Cows have canines! The canines of omnivores are several times longer than ours, and their incisors are tucked high up out of the way to allow the huge canines to shear backwards through the fur and flesh when their elongated jaws bite into Animal bodies:


Try hunting an Animal without a single piece of weaponry in any form, just bare hands and teeth. If you can wound and weaken a Deer with just fingernails (never mind catch up with one), then try leaning over them and sinking your teeth into their back just as omnivores do. You will not be able to bend your jaw wide enough, your teeth will be protruding at the wrong angle, and you will be unable to perform a shearing motion with your jaws to tear the flesh from them.

When omnivores bring down prey, they leap up, bite into the running Animal and using the grip of their jaws alone, pull them over. If we were to try this, we would have no remaining teeth.

Being able to pierce the skin of another human does not make you a predator; all Herbivores bite and injure each other in fights. If we had any omnivorous aspects we would also stand a chance at fighting predators such as Wolves.

People trying to perpetrate the falsification that we are omnivorous say that our canines can handle meat (while refusing to try it without tools), and our molars are for crushing vegetables. In actuality, omnivorous Animals have many teeth devoted to meat tearing. Our puny canines are also not at all sharp; compare them to those of a Cat and Dog you know; their teeth are much sharper, and if these Animals wished to, they could sever one of your limbs.


Omnivores also do not have as much binocular vision as we credit them with, and hunting Animals have the Tapetum Lucidum behind their eyes (we do not, red eyes showing up in photographs are the results of the blood vessels behind the retina). Although hunting Animals can indeed see in colour, it is useless to them because the information is not translated by the brain, unlike with humans. Humans and other Primates need the vivid colour vision that we posses to seek out good Fruits.
We do not posses the sense of smell required to be a natural hunter: the carnivorous Cat has 19 million nose membrane nerve endings, the omnivorous Dog has 147 million (can vary between breeds) while humans have only 5 million. If we were natural hunters, we would never have domesticated Dogs and made them hunt for us.
We also have totally different bite strengths, capabilities of registering sound vibrations and taste receptors to those of omnivores or carnivores. Dogs hear sounds from four times further away than humans can.

Carnivore Teeth:

Herbivore/ Human Teeth:

Animals were only killed by us after the creation of the spear, this is an artificial, unnatural tool, enabling us to wound and slice Animals for the first time. So although humans have used this method to kill Animals for a long time, it is not natural. We also clearly have not evolved to handle meat because we are still infested with parasites and suffer the leading causes of death because of it. Meat-eating Animals also never get Atherosclerosis, whereas it's the first thing that happens to us.

Real omnivores seek and desire flesh indiscriminately, whereas your mouth does not flood with saliva when you see a rotten, run-over Squirrel or when you come home to discover that your Dog has died.

And there were indeed tribes who continued to live only on fruits and vegetables after the creation of weaponry, some of their descendants live in Vegans-only cities in Israel.

“Members of the community, where English is the spoken language and the children wear colorful African-style robes and white headcovers, believe a completely Vegan diet of locally grown fruits and vegetables, along with regular exercise and holistic health treatments, are keys to longevity and health.
A medical study conducted in Dimona by U.S. university researchers in 1998 found the community was largely free of illnesses typical to African-Americans such as hypertension, obesity and high cholesterol.
"We expect to have something of a resort area where visitors will come, experience the lifestyle of the community, and as a point of rest and relaxation -- an island of tranquillity -- here in Israel," Ben-Yehuda said”.

Also despite what the Animal industries like to perpetrate, indigenous communities have survived and do survive without using Animals for flesh, milk and clothing:

Okinawa has the highest proportion of centenarians in the World; Okinawans live on a diet of Soya, Vegetables, Tofu and many foods of naturally varying colours. There are almost zero incidences of disease.

The damage to our insides caused by meat can be seen clearly in our Monkey relatives; a Primate at the MonkeyLand sanctuary featured on Five Life has been horribly and irreversibly damaged, become lethargic and has gained huge amounts of stomach fat just by being fed a few burgers by the person who previously kept him!



The reason that we do not have the stomach for grass is because we are descended from tree-dwelling Primates who did not eat it. That does not make us any less Herbivores (to be more precise, Frugivores). Rabbits for example are poisoned by many leafed plants including Lettuce of all things, and survive on root vegetables, but to say that they are not Herbivores because of this would be ridiculous.

Saying that we could not survive Winter without meat is also laughable; non-hibernating Herbivorous Animals do not cease to exist nor can they survive on grass: the quality of the grass is vastly reduced by snow, and also of incredibly poor nutritional value for these Animals even under normal circumstances. In order to live they need to be consuming a wide variety of plants, fruits and vegetables all year round, and clearly they are and always have been doing this.


Above: the Babakoto/ Indri, whose name means “ancestor of man” and “grandfather”, lives entirely on fruit, leaves, seeds, buds, flowers and bark; the Babakoto have the same nutritional needs as humans, all of which are fulfilled in that diet

The Aboriginal people learned to survive on the harsh lands of Australia by burning the inedible spinifex to produce plants in it's place.

It is such a bizarre notion that a diet entirely of plant energy is not sufficient. Some wild carnivores, though possessing the intestinal tract, organs and jaws designed for meat, have been observed consuming a completely Vegan diet, including the Panda, some Grizzly bears, wild Dog and Fox populations, and even some big Cats, and they are getting by more than well enough.

Our intelligence also did not get to this level because of meat, if that was the case, why are meat-eating Animals not running businesses and why are the Herbivorous Animals who we now force-feed meat to not building office blocks? We had the cognitive ability to create things long before meat, because we had to invent the spear first.

It was not “hunting” that forced us to think, leaping through branches haphazardly forced us to think. Why is it that the World's carnivores haven't been “forced to think”.


Meat-eaters like to make comments such as “Vegans are de-evolving into a less intelligent species”. Well, back when I was at college, in my second year, while everyone else was training in two courses, I was doing seven. That requires intelligence. I have also always had a mental and reading age of 6 years older than my actual age (since they started testing me for that in Infant School), my Intelligence Quotient score is always over 138, and Veganism runs in my family, so if that's “de-evolved” (although you should have said devolved, Mr. Apparently-Smart Meat-eater) then I must look up the therefore miraculous feats of my great grandparents(!)

Omnivores to an extent need both meat and plants to live, whereas we can, do and did survive without meat.

Veganism is not an extreme diet, in fact it is the natural diet. It is pretty much identical to the Macrobiotic Diet, whereas diets that actually could be perceived as “extreme” by critics are those that only allow foods derived in ways that do not cut the plant of origin and those like Fruitarian which only involves the consumption of fresh/ dried fruit, nuts seeds and a few vegetables (I consume an almost-raw diet of food grown on my land, but I do consume Rice and Hemp milk/ ice cream and therefore do not qualify as a Raw Vegan/ Fruitarian). Other diets only involve eating entirely raw fruit and vegetables and no dehydration, freezing or processing of them in any way is allowed, and there are also Sproutarians and Juicearians.

Everything shows that we are Herbivorous, whether the big money-earners like it or otherwise.

The Comparative Anatomy of Eating

“What about livelihoods? What do you expect Animal industry workers to do now?”

We constantly pride ourselves on being the species which can adapt through anything, yet it's amazing how short-sighted we are about the future.

We do not want to shut farmers down. In fact, we are the ones buying their fruits and vegetables by the basket-loads. Animal industry workers can always do something else that will still earn them just as much if not more money.
The Animal industry's qualms are purely financial. They fear losing money and power. Right now they literally rule the World. The way they earn money currently relies on each Animal industry helping the others; selling and encouraging the consumption of dangerous “foods” and “drinks”, a capitalist government National Curriculum brainwashing children that this is the way things should be, dangerous and lead-filled cosmetics and commercial products, and a purely altruistic(!) “Medicine” industry there to catch you when your body finally starts deteriorating!!

The Vegan life makes these industries panic. Then there comes the scaremongering, fake “studies”, restrictive laws that push the boundaries of Human Rights, and even imprisonment just for running a health website.

All over money. It's ridiculous when you realise that these people will still make money in a Vegan World.

We already have enough food for everybody, but we currently source it from starving populations, meaning that billions of people still go hungry, while the Western World throws mountains of food away. A Vegan World corrects this by having countries independently growing their own food, and giving Third World nations what is rightfully theirs.

This does not mean that the farming industry will collapse. Nobody will grow absolutely everything in their garden or on their balcony; they will still be purchasing many foods from farmers. Many people live such a hectic life and never stay in one place, meaning that they will buy everything from farmers!!
Supermarkets will still profit because people will still buy conventional snack foods and drinks, also still profiting farmers, who need to grow the original plant foods used to make these snacks!
There will still be just as many places to eat out and just as many food brands; if you think about the comparatively small number of “foods” that can actually be taken from Animals, and then notice the thousands of different brands and restaurants that are able to sell similar things nonetheless: there is nothing to prevent this from continuing through Veganism.
There will still be a cosmetics industry, people will not lose interest in make-up because it does not contain lead and Animal fat and wasn't previously inserted into Animal vaginal tissue!
And there will be a healthcare industry. Unfortunately, illnesses are a part of life, and while their occurrences will be drastically less often in a Vegan World, people will still need treatment. Even without the façade of medication, many people will not have the time, knowledge or feel comfortable about treating themselves and will always go to a Doctor. And don't forget about run-of-the-mill accidents. You will still have a job.

In fact a Vegan World will create more jobs! There will be more things to do and new ways of doing them.

The Animal industries currently behave in the exact same way as slave owners did.
The Animal industries fight Veganism because it benefits them financially to do so. It's a shame they cannot think outside the box.

Above: A town with NO pollution, NO unemployment, NO hunger, 100% recycling and totally off the grid.... built in Africa by a Vegan organisation!

“What about pesticides and the plants, you're killers too!”

Actually Vegans boycott the use of pesticides because of their involvement in Vivisection!!
The majority of Vegans also grow their own food as part of the self-sustainability aspect, with the rest buying from organic local farmers. We never purchase produce grown at the expense of Third-World countries.

And as for the plants themselves, they have no central nervous system.
They do not scream while being cut, oxygen stored up inside the stems finally escapes. It is a scientific impossibility for plants to feel pain, they have no pain receptors, carriers or brain matter to acknowledge pain. Animals are able to feel pain so that they can run away from what is causing it, however plants are rooted to the spot, so why evolve pain receptors?! Many plants have even evolved so that their seeds will be fertilised when passed out through our faeces, meaning that they have to go through the process of being eaten!

Other plants need to be at least partially eaten by insects in order to cover them in the pollen necessary to fertilise the next plant. Some to go many lengths to attract creatures who will eat them, such as emitting scents, becoming certain colours, even having parts shaped like particular creatures.

It is also an act of hypocrisy to say it is wrong to eat plants because of their “pain” even though we are meant to eat them, but it is OK to slaughter Animals that definitely feel agony because of the false perception that we are “meant” to eat them.


Love, Flame


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