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Monday, March 16, 2009

The corporate take over of our food supply.

"The Future of Food" Parts 1-9

If you control the food, you control the world.

March 15, 2009
Joseph Raglione

Gentle readers of the American Chronicle, I almost forgot about Monsanto and the way it Genetically modified seeds and pesticides. Lucky for me my friends at Brasscheck TV have a video available. It is one of the scariest little Videos I've seen because it quietly explains the facts about how one company has done everything in its power to dominate the Seed and Food industry, and the inherent danger that control has now created for Mankind.

The important questions we all must ask ourselves this Springtime, is how much of our own food can we produce, and are the seeds we use genetically modified?

The corporate take over of our food supply.

How much of your own food do you produce?

Where would you go to get food if all the stores were closed?

A surprisingly large number of people in the so-called "developed" world answer "zero" and "I don't know."

If you're depending on Corporate Amerika to make sure your food supply is safe, you may be making a fatal mistake. Watch this short Video and judge for yourselves...>

You can also purchase the complete film and support its message by going here:...>

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