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Monday, March 9, 2009

32,000 Pigs a day slaughtered in America

Nephesh ~ Abolition, Direct Action and Veganism


Prior to being hung upside down by their back legs and bled to death at the slaughterhouse, pigs are supposed to be 'stunned' and rendered unconscious, in accordance with the federal Humane Slaughter Act - However, stunning at slaughterhouses is terribly imprecise, and often conscious animals are hung upside down, kicking and struggling, while a slaughterhouse worker tries to 'stick' them in the neck with a knife - If the worker is unsuccessful, the pig will be carried to the next station on the slaughterhouse assembly line — the scalding tank — where he/she will be boiled, alive and fully conscious

Major slaughterhouses - Smithfield pkg co..NC - 32,000 pigs a day!!

The largest slaughterhouse in the world is operated by the Smithfield Packing Company in Tar Heel, North Carolina, USA - It is capable of butchering over 32,000 pigs a day





"As I discussed in my essay, The Four Problems of Animal Welfare, animal welfare reforms do not provide significant protection for animals, animal welfare measures make the public feel better about animal exploitation and this encourages continued animal use, animal welfare does nothing to eradicate the property status of animals, and time and money spent on animal welfare reforms mean less time and money spent on promoting veganism- There is no empirical evidence that animal welfare reform leads incrementally to the abolition of animal use, or even to significantly reduced animal use- The animal welfare ethic has been the dominant moral paradigm, and we have had animal welfare laws, for more than 200 years- And we are using more animals in more horrific ways than at any time in human history" Gary L Francione

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