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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tibetan Volunteers for Animals

An email I received today


Sent Date: Sunday July 5, 2009

TVA Organized its first Animal Birth Control Program at Bylakuppe

Bylakuppe, South India 14 April 2009: TVA organized its first Animal Birth Control Program at Sera Monastery (South India) in partnership with Australian based International organization Vets beyond Borders, Brigitte Bardot Foundation (France) and Sermey Social Service.
The 14 day program (named 'Sera Monastery Dog Health Program') was a pilot project aimed at creating what may potentially become a much more wide-spread project with significant benefits on many social levels as well as those of a public health and animal welfare nature.
Sera Monastery is set in the southern sub-tropical region of India where, over the past 50 years, many thousands of Tibetan refugees have reconstituted their precious culture under extremely difficult and alien conditions. The region is now home to the largest community of Tibetans outside their country.
Increase in the stray dog population results in spreading of diseases, noise, road accidents and ill treatment of these innocent animals.
The program involved:
1) Sterilization of both male and female dogs (pregnant mothers were not operated)
2) Anti-rabies vaccination
3) Providing medical care to the sick and injured animals
4) Educatiing the monks on human health and animal welfare through presentations, distribution of leaflets and posters.
5) Arranging high level meetings with the administrators of Sera Monastery to seek their support and getting them involved.
The program was very well received and was a huge success.
We would like to express our sincere thanks to the following people and organization
1) Fondation Brigitte Bardot (France) for funding the entire project
2) Vets Beyond Borders for making this project a reality by bringing Vet Volunteers and making other veterinary arrangements
3) Sera Mey Social Service for their providing the facilities at their hospital, accomodation & food for the whole team and above all for their unconditional support towards the project. Gen Samten la, Gen Ngawang Jungnay la, Gen Monlam la, Karma la, Lobsang (Driver) and the cooks, you all were amazing.
4) Dr. Daniel Rikleen and Dr. Kris Lobo for their unconditional support right from the beginning of the project.
5) Department of Health and Department of Religion, CTA for supporting the project.
6) Vet Volunteers: Dr. Luana, Dr. Shevaun, Dr. Helen, Dr. Colin, Vet nurse Chelsea and Vet Nurse Harrie - you guys were awesome.
7) CUPA Bangalore for sending the two dog catchers for 3 days.
8) Mandy Lamkin and Luana Ferrara for provding invaluable assistance in the preparation of the project proposal.
9) Sera Monastery Administrators: Venerable Geshe Lobsang Palden (Abbot Sera Jhe), Sera Mey is Venerable Geshe Rabka (Abbot Sera Mey), the Gyekoes and the administrators.
10) Mr Tashi Wangdu la (Chairman, Lugsum Bylakuppe Settlement) for his hospitality and continued support towards TVA's programs.
11) TVA team and Volunteers: Tenzin Choyang, Rinchen Lhaze, Sopa Rinpoche, Yangchen Dolkar, Tenzin Tsering and Mr. Tashi Phuntsok (TCV School Teacher and guide for Veg Club Bylkuppe)

There has been a delay in sending the newsletter due to a problem with our mailing list server. We apologize for the same.

Tibetan Volunteers for Animals (TVA) is a registered non-government and a non-profit organization run by a group of young Tibetan activists determined to make a difference. Please visit our website for more information.

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