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Sunday, July 12, 2009

HOW TO: (Activists) Becoming the Media & Getting Creative

Taken From A MySpace Bulletin:

From: Media For Animal Liberation

I came across useful videos aimed to help animal rights activists from the Let Live Foundation. They have an entire page dedicated to this. You can also find their stuff on their Vimeo page or BlipTV or search iTunes for podcatses (do a search for letlivemedia). Check out their awesome videos on many activist issues!

There is one in particular that I would like to highlight in this bulletin:

How To: Becoming the Media and Getting Creative

How To: Becoming the Media and Getting Creative from Let Live Foundation on Vimeo.

As my profile states:

We need to become our own media. The corporate media either ignores social movements entirely, distorts or marginalizes their messages, demonizes or trivializes those within it, and it nearly always prioritizes the perspective of the very status quo's institutions being challenged by movements.

We need to take a more active role in our usage of media and in our relationship with corporate media. This means:

(1) Activists creating their own media.

(2) Activists challenging/..refuting corporate media, politicians'. and industry propaganda that distorts, fabricates, omits, etc against the animal rights/..liberation movement.

I am not anyone special. I have a laptop, software, and the Internet. People says thanks to me all the time for my videos, but often I feel like saying that my videos aren't extraordinary in the sense that I am just someone with ordinary capabilities. Anything you see in my videos is self-taught. I haven't taken any film classes. I have no special training or anything fancy.

It is important for us to step up our media involvement and creation. As I say a lot: media shapes our views and views shape our choices.

For the animals, this is an incredibly important thing.

---------- Bulletin Post from Media for Animal Liberation ----------


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