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Saturday, July 18, 2009


Animal companions and the elderly

Everyday pets bring love, laughter and companionship to elderly people all over the world. Doctors, social workers, home care workers and nursing homes recommend companion animals to help the elderly lead happy, healthy lives and give them independence and hope..
Everyday pets bring love, laughter and companionship to elderly people all over the world. Doctors, social workers, home care workers and nursing homes recommend companion animals to help the elderly lead happy, healthy lives. Birds, cats, dogs and other pets help to keep seniors active and give them a chance to nurture and receive love in return for caring for a pet..
Benefits of animal companions include:

• A feeling of unconditional love
• The addition of joy and laughter to daily life
• The alleviation of depression, anxiety and fatigue
• A sense of purpose and fulfillment
• Physical contact with a living thing-......-something that can be missing from an older person's life
• A diversion from everyday problems and worries
• A pleasant reminder of past pets
• A way to encourage communication (both with pets and other people)
• A way to stimulate physical activity

Advantages of Companion Pets



Pets are great companions for elderly people who live alone and have little contact with family and friends. Animals help cure seniors’ loneliness. Pets give them a different outlook and bring laughter and love into their lives. They make seniors feel needed and keep them active seeing to the pet’s daily care..


Pets accept their elder owners as they are. They are devoted, forgiving and loving. They don’t hold grudges, bring up the past or stop interacting with their owners because of a difference of opinion..


Research has proven that touch is very important to the well being of humans. We all need to be hugged and be able to hug in return. A cat curled up in the lap of a senior or the friendly touch of a dog’s nose will help the elderly feel safe and secure and gives them a sense of reassurance and satisfaction. Stoking a beloved pet can lower blood pressure and lift depression..

Keeping Active

There’s nothing that can bring laughter into the life of a senior like animal antics. Seniors keep active by feeding, grooming and caring for their pets. Dogs get the elderly out of their living quarters and into the fresh air and sunshine. While out walking, they meet other people who they can converse with. Caring for pets keep seniors active both mentally and physically..


By caring for a pet’s needs, such as feeding, grooming and walking, animals give seniors the incentive to maintain their own hygiene. Pets give the elderly a sense of independence, boosts self esteem and motivates them to perform daily tasks that may otherwise be ignored, such as bathing, eating and getting out of the house..

Safety and Security

Pets give the elderly a sense of security. Dogs alert them when someone comes to the door. Seniors feel safer answering the door when there is a dog present. Dogs can also alert seniors who are hard of hearing to a ringing telephone or the ringing of a door bell..


Dogs are an especially good choice for seniors who need socialization. Seniors who walk their dogs get to know the people in the neighborhood. Animals help break the ice and encourage friendly conversation between people who might otherwise feel they have nothing in common. Seniors need to socialize to maintain good mental health and a pet provides them with stories to share with others..

Staying in Touch with Nature

When people lived in rural areas and were still allowed to keep chickens, ducks and other animals in cities and towns, they were constantly in touch with the natural world. Today’s society is largely urban and industrialized....... Animals other than pets can only be found in petting farms and zoos. People have lost contact with nature which is always balm for the soul. Pets help seniors to stay in contact with nature and they fill voids that can otherwise lead to anxiety and depression..

Living for the Moment

Pets live for the moment. They cope with life’s ups and downs and then forget about them. Pets help the elderly to keep focused on the present and keep them in touch with the small pleasures of life. Pets take time to stop and smell the roses every day. Seniors who have a companion pet tend to do the same. The innocence and trust of a companion pet help seniors to be less cynical toward life and to overcome feelings of isolation and rejection..
If you have an elderly family member who is either living alone or one that has limited contact with family or friends, an animal companion can be the best option to help an elderly family member overcome loneliness and isolation. Animals can give elderly seniors unconditional love, companionship, and gives them reason to greet the next day with a smile. Animals make elderly seniors feel needed and wanted which does help them to stay active which benefits their health..
Animals help brighten up our lives every day. How can anyone harm these innocent and loving animals? Please help save these beautiful animals from anyone who would want to harm them. Please report animal cruelty/......neglect immediately to your local authorities and/or humane rescue organization..

These animals love us with all their hearts. Please help save them before it is too late.. If not you, who? If not now, when?
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we will respond as soon as we are able
Support animal rights


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