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Friday, July 17, 2009

Monkeys in Army Lab Need Your Help! |

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Monkeys in Army Lab Need Your Help!

The U.S. Army is currently injecting toxic drugs into live monkeys, causing the animals to suffer violent seizures and difficulty breathing and fall into what the Army calls a "crisis" mode.

Contrary to the Army's claims, PETA has uncovered government records that state that monkeys used by the Army in chemical and biological casualty care training exercises have suffered and died. Veterinary records indicate that some monkeys used in these procedures have died after their internal organs burst and others from "terminal cardiovascular collapse" or other trauma and sickness related to their exposure to the poison. These documents also show that several monkeys suffered serious wounds from fighting with one another. The Army also repeatedly tests each monkey for tuberculosis by injecting the bacteria directly into the animals' eyelids. 

There are many non-animal training methods that the Army can use to train soldiers in chemical casualty management exercises. In fact, the Israeli Defense Force uses high-tech computerized patient simulators, rotations in hospitals, and computer programs to prepare its troops for managing chemical and biological injuries, and researchers there write, "An animal laboratory session is viewed as unacceptable."

Please take a minute of your time to help these monkeys. Urge your congressional representative to restrict funds in the Defense Appropriations Act so that the Army cannot spend public tax dollars on these cruel and wasteful chemical casualty training exercises.

Monkeys in Army Lab Need Your Help! |


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