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Monday, July 13, 2009

Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act Challenged in Court!

Reposted With Thanks to: Media For Animal Liberation

Strugar argued the motion in Federal District Court in San Jose on July 13 (TODAY) at 9 am. The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act is now being challenged in court.

KPFA Interview of Lawyer Defending Joseph Buddenberg & Challenging the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

Help fight the extralegal battle against the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act by defending these activists and opposing the act in these articles' comment sections. Doing so is more important than you realize:

Federal judge to weigh constitutionali..ty of animal rights anti-terrorism law

First Case Under Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act Heard in San Jose, CA

Animal rights anti-terror law challenged

If you don't know much about the AETA 4, first educate yourself before you do anything else:

FBI Don't Like Free Speech, Support the AETA 4

You can learn more also at MySpace Support for AETA 4 & at the Support AETA 4 Website. If you want to learn yet more about AETA, visit GreenIstheNewRe..d and Coalition to Abolish the AETA.

And, finally, repost this bulletin! Silence against injustice only serves the oppressor!

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