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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sick for Profit - Insurance CEOs


Sick for Profit

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Insurance CEOs





Stephen J. Hemsley

UnitedHealth CEO

Stephen J. Hemsley

2007 Compensation

$13.2 million

2008 Compensation (Forbes)


Former Managing Partner and CFO of Arthur Andersen (BusinessWeek)

Total Value of Unexercised Stock Options (Forbes)


2009 Options Exercise


Value of Wayzata, Minnesota Home (Hennepin County Assessor)



Hemsley returns $190 million in stock options acquired as a result of practices found to be fraudulent by the SEC (American Medical News)

Edward Hanway


Edward Hanway

Five-Year Compensation, as of April 30, 2008 (Forbes)

$120.51 million

Total Value of Unexercised Stock Options (Forbes)


Value of New Jersey Beach Home (Cape May County Assessor)



The family of a 17-year-old girl who died hours after CIGNA reversed a decision and said it would pay for a liver transplant plans to sue the company, their attorney said Friday. (Oakland Tribune)

Hundreds of entertainment industry workers in California and New Jersey who buy health insurance as a group are being hit with a rate increase that will raise some family-plan premiums to more than $44,000 a year. (USA Today)

Michael McCallister

Humana CEO

Michael McCallister

2007 Compensation

$10.3 million

2008 Compensation (Forbes)


Five-Year Compensation Total (Forbes)

$15.1 million

Total Value of Unexercised Stock Options (Forbes)


2006 Options Exercise (SECForm4)


Value of Park City, Utah Home (County Assessor)



Humana abandons senior citizens in Florida, returns after Republicans pass new Medicare law, upping HMO payments by ~ 25% (NY Times)

Ronald A. Williams

Aetna CEO

Ronald A. Williams

2007 Compensation

$23 million

2008 Compensation (Forbes)


Total Value of Unexercised Options (Forbes)


Williams is in the top
ten of Forbes'
"$100 Million CEO Club."


Health insurance giants Aetna and CIGNA, along with others, became the latest targets of a wide-ranging probe launched by New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, according to USA Today. (USA Today)

Allen Wise

Coventry CEO

Allen Wise

CEO from 1996-2004, and from January 2009-Present

2004 Compensation (Forbes)


2006 Sale of Stock


2006 Options Exercised


2005 Sale of Stock


2005 Options Exercised


2004 Sale of Stock


2004 Options Exercised


Value of Hilton Head, SC Home (Beaufort County Assessor)


Angela Braly

WellPoint CEO

Angela Braly

2007 Compensation (secinfo)


2008 Compensation (Forbes)


2006 Sale of Stock (SECForm4)


2006 Options Excerise (SECForm4)


Value of Indianapolis Home



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Sick for Profit - Insurance CEOs


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