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Friday, September 11, 2009

Help The Dogs Being Killed By Dog Death Squads In China



Help The Dogs Being Killed By Dog Death Squads In China

Horst Hoefinger

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I read something about this a while back and it is truly one of the most horrific things imaginable, dog death squads that come to kill your dog.

It sounds like something out of a horror movie, but it’s not. As you can see from the message below another city in China is going to start a mass slaughter tomorrow, we can help.

Read through the instructions and even if you can’t make a donation please take a moment to send the email, you don’t even have to write it you can just use the one provided.

Thank you in advance to all those that take a few minutes out of their day to this.  If you think you’re too busy, think about if someone from the government knocked on your door, took your dog, and then beat it to death in front of you. Don’t let this happen to the innocent dogs of China.

I’ve just received an urgent report that another city in China is planning a mass cull to slaughter any unregistered dogs, strays, and even registered family dogs that are over 14 inches (35cm) tall.

Dog owners in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province, are even being told to kill their own dogs, or else their dogs will be beaten to death by the police and the owners will be charged a fine. Can you imagine being forced to kill your own dog to save it from a more brutal slaughter?

Unless we can stop this now, the Dog Death squads could be roaming the streets tomorrow – beating, stoning, and killing dogs – some right in front of their owners.

You might remember the attached e-mail I sent you recently about a similar cull. We found out too late for many of those dogs, but this time we have a chance to stop it before it starts.

I need you to do two things right now:

1. Send an e-mail to the Chinese Ambassador in your country. So you can act quickly, I’ve written an e-mail for you - click here to review and send it.

2. Make a donation to help IFAW end dog culls in China and to protect animals around the world from similar cruelty.

It’s crucial that you act quickly –according to the government notice, the police will begin combing the streets tomorrow to kill dogs. Please send your message now, and then forward this e-mail to as many of your friends as possible urging them to help us stop this slaughter.

In addition to working to stop this cull, IFAW is helping draft China’s first national animal welfare legislation that will prohibit culls like this. And we’re developing a rabies vaccination and sterilization program that we can offer to rural communities to humanely prevent rabies and control dog populations.

We’ve stopped culls like this in other Chinese cities, and we can stop this one too! Please send your message of protest today.

And then please make a donation to help us continue our efforts to help save animals around the world from cruelty and exploitation.

Please act now to save these dogs – make it the very next thing you do.

Thank you,


I just filled out the info and sent off my email, it took less than a minute.  I also made a donation, no amount is too small, we need to help IFAW fight back against this horrific injustice taking place in China.

Please post and crosspost this message, we need to get the word out.

Help The Dogs Being Killed By Dog Death Squads In China

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