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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Photographers Help Homeless~Animals

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Photographers Helping Homeless and animals (update)

Photo by Tim Hulsizer

I would like to thank the photographers who are donating images to be printed and sold to raise money for 3 grassroots organizations helping animals. Images may be any subject and style. One of those orgs. is Feeding Pets of The Homeless, located in Nevada, but helping the homeless with pet food and vet bills nationally. They work on a shoestring budget and they are very thankful that a handful of photographers they have never met are willing to lend a hand. Contact me if you have images you are willing to loan for this project. or

Zeke Loftin

A Pretty Good Day

Had a pretty good day for a Tuesday
On the street corner down by the mall
Got two dollars here and three dollars there
And pretty soon thirteen in all

And Dusty was cheerful as ever
For reasons I can’t even say
But when everything fails he’s still wagging his tail
All in all had a pretty good day

At Wendy’s we got Number Seven
And outside we sat near the door
The look in his eyes when we shared out the fries
Would have melted your heart to the core

For the burger he waited, so patient
Till I told him that it was okay
I just had to laugh as he gobbled his half
All in all, had a pretty good day

We don’t ask for much from our neighbors
We’re grateful for all that we get
I suppose I could use a nice, new pair of shoes
And maybe for Dusty a vet

And a wide-open space he could run in
And a rent we could manage to pay
You know, that’s not a lot, OH I almost forgot
Maybe just one more pretty good day

Written by Robert Leonard Reid of Carson City, Nevada

photo by Kirsten Bole

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