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Friday, August 7, 2009

A Day In The Life of A Chained Dog

This video depicts twelve hours in the life of a chained dog. The video was taken after a whistleblower came forward about this poor dog's situation. We worked with the whistleblower to record the dog for 12 hours on a day when the temperature reached 92 degrees. The dog had no water and for several hours, no shade. The dog's guardian has been fined, but little has changed for this dog since the video was shot. We are still working with local authorities to seize the dog.



Noner said...

Oh, that poor dog!

I noticed when he came to get the bowls, he never petted the dog (who was so happy to see him) and even jerked away from the doggie when it moved toward him.

Dogs should be loved family members, not status symbols. So many people have dogs that they are afraid of just to say "Yeah, I got a pit bull! (Or chow, or rott or insert tough dog breed of choice here.)

I've got a lab and a mutt, and both of them live inside with us.


Patty said...

I agree. Sad how many people treat other Animal Beings.

Thank you for your comment and thank you very much for reading my blog.

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