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Friday, August 28, 2009

Next Week, Japan Will Begin Massive Dolphin Slaughter



Moon Warriors

Next week dolphins are going to be slaughtered in mass in a little cove in Japan. People in Japan are mostly unaware of it. The Japanese government has also even created propaganda blaming dolphins for draining the world's fish populations and says that these dolphins are, as such, "pests". It is humans, not dolphins, which are the prime culprit of the destruction of the ocean's ecosystems and populations. It is humans which need to stop eating fish.

If there's anyone from Japan or has any or lots of friends in Japan please inform them. The Japanese government has a media blackout against any of this information. They are literally, deliberately keeping their population in the dark and misinformed.

(If you aren't in Japan, don't have any friends or connections in Japan, but still want to help, also click on the link below. There are things you can do to help too.)

"The Cove" Documentary Trailer

Save Japan Dolphins Campaign:

Bulletin Posted By Media for Animal Liberation

Media shapes views. Views shape choices.

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Bea Elliott said...

From the cow/calf slaughter - to the dolphins... Thanks for all you do for the sake of the victims!

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