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The links to the many sites that I've included contain information that I believe to be relevant, be it the graphics, the videos, the undercover investigations, etc. . Exposing & and ending the brutality and savagery inflicted on the non-human animals is what I am focused on. I strongly believe that every voice against animal abuse/exploitation is of value and -and- collectively we have the power to end it. I am here for the animals, not for anyone's approval and for that I make no apologies. ** I do not promote violence towards humans. ___________________________________________________ Bookmark and Share

Friday, August 7, 2009

Animal Cruelty Video - How Would You Feel? Please Be Advised *Graphic*

Please be advised that this video does contain graphic footage involving animal cruelty that may be difficult and very heartbreaking to watch. This video is not meant to offend or upset anyone, only to show the tragic truth behind animal cruelty and the innocent victims who are forced to endure this painful torture. Animal cruelty is a horrific crime that is done to innocent and precious animals who deserve a better life, one without fear or pain but with love and compassion. Animals do not deserve to suffer from the torturous pain and carnage that this sort of cruelty forces upon them. Animals are not different from us because they feel pain as we do, bleed as we do, and die as we do. How would any of us feel if we were forced to endure this sort of hellish cruelty? How would we feel if the only life we knew was one of pain and suffering? How would we feel if our pain was so great and no one even cared? How would we feel if we were completely innocent and we were sentence to a life of torture and eventually death? How would you feel to suffer and die painfully and you had done nothing wrong? Animal cruelty is an evil in our world that must end. These innocent animals’ lives are depending on us and our dedication to help end animal cruelty so that these beautiful animals can live a life with love, respect and compassion. Please help prevent animal cruelty before another innocent life is lost. You may be an animal’s only chance of survival..

Animals are beautiful living creatures. Every single animal in this world feels fear, loneliness and pain. Animals want to live just like we do. How would any of you feel if you were suffering and your tormenters were not only allowed to cause you more pain but those same tormenters were actually allowed to murder you with no remorse and no threat of punishment? You were simply born to suffer and die. How would you feel if every cry you ever made for help could not be heard? How would you feel if your cries for help were ignored? How would you feel if you lived a life that was only made up of pain, fear, loneliness and despair? Would you want someone to save you from that painful fate? Would you want to live? These animals do. These animals are crying out for someone to save them. Please do not ignore their cries for help. Please help save these innocent animals before it is too late.. If not you, who? If not now, when?
Please contact your state officials and representative and urge them to strengthen animal cruelty laws. Demand that your state officials create more strict penalties for any offenders who are found guilty of any crimes of animal cruelty and/or animal neglect. These criminals are guilty of not only breaking the law, but are guilty of harming or murdering a purely innocent life. These animals deserve the same rights as we do from anyone who would want to harm them. These animals deserve rights that will protect them from this cruelty. Please be their voice and help save these beautiful animals before another innocent life is lost..

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