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Monday, August 10, 2009

Abolish the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

Great poster! Great group mission and purpose behind it. I'd like to add that AETA criminalizes dissent in other ways. For example, if you commit an illegal act for personal gain, you aren't going to be labeled as a terrorist. If you conscientiously.. break a law because of one's political beliefs, with AETA, they can attempt to label you as a terrorist if it so happens to be against the animal enterprise industry. In other words, greed as a motivation is not "terrifying", but compassion as a motivation is.

Radix Media Collective designed this. They are $1-5 sliding scale (or more if you feel like donating more). All money beyond printing costs will be donated to the legal defense fund of the AETA 4, four activists who are being tried as "terrorists" for their alleged involvement in protesting in Santa Cruz and Berkeley. If you want to order a poster and support these activists, send an e-mail to: radixmedia @ riseup . net

Radix Media Collective is excellent example of the importance of activists in social movements in becoming their own media:

According to their website, Radix Media Collective's mission includes creating and using posters, flyers, pamphlets, skillshares, film and other media to be used for protests, campaigns, screenings and other events in order to further causes and strengthen movements.

Bulletin Posted by Media for Animal Liberation

Lawyer Says Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act is Unconstitutiona..l (KPFA 94.1FM - AETA4)

FBI Don't Like Free Speech, (Support the AETA 4)

Media shapes views. Views shape choices.

(Don't forget to subscribe to Media for Animal Liberation's Youtube Channel or to check out longer videos at Media for Animal Liberation on Vimeo)


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