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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sea Shepherd's Nightmare Video **Graphic Content**

With Whale Wars SSCS have the key to silencing the harpoons in the Southern Oceans once and for all because they now have the ability to bring the world into this horrific slaughterhouse at the bottom of the world to see for themselves the agonizing death of the whales and the viciousness that the Japanese whale killers exercise in defense of their bloody illegal business.

This kind of raw intense horror cannot survive such extensive exposure and SSCS will beat the whalers down with episode after episode and the cameras will not stop rolling until the whalers retreat from the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary forever.

We do not have any illusions about the violent nature of our opposition. They slaughter the gentle giants with a ruthlessness that has no compassion with the killing of any other animal by man on this planet. Driving exploding harpoons into their entrails, shredding their internal organs with shrapnel as hot blood gushes out in geysers into the frigid ocean. The whales thrash and convulse in horrific agony as they struggle in vain to hold their heads above the water. And as they struggle, whalers fire bullets into their bodies and stab them with electric lances sending high voltage through their bodies. Yet despite this, the whales cling to life for anywhere from ten minutes to nearly an hour.

A message from Captain Paul Watson Founder and President of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

"Our message to Japan is this; Destroy us if you must, jail us, shoot us, sink our ships, tear our organization apart, maim us and kill us if you will, BUT we will not retreat, we will never surrender, we will never forsake the lives of the whales, we will never abandon them to your merciless harpoons and like the samurai of old we will serve our clients the whales with honor, with dignity and with absolute resolve for as long as there is breath in our bodies and blood in our veins, and if we fall, our cause will be picked up by others and it will continue and our opposition to your industry of cruelty and death will never die.

"We need to find and intercept these vicious killers as soon as possible. Every day of searching will cost the lives of whales," said Captain Paul Watson. The Japanese whaling fleet is an international criminal operation targeting highly endangered whales in a whale Sanctuary in violation of a global moratorium on whaling. They operate because they know that no other governments have the guts to oppose them."


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