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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Classroom Cut-Ups: Lesson on Dissection

Another sad and serious post;  Please take the time to sign the Farm Sanctuary Petition

Urge the University of Mississippi Medical Center to Stop Abusing Pigs in Student Labs.
Farm Sanctuary Petition


veganelder said...

These practices are part of how the upcoming generation is desensitized to violence and suffering

Patty said...

Veganelder: Back in 1970 in my 9th grade Biology class I took an 'F' because I refused to dissect a frog. My classmates all looked at if as if I came from another planet. I don't understand people how. Compassion, empathy and respect for 'Life' is such a foreign concept to so many people. I worry about The Human Condition. I worry about how humans cheapen 'life'.

Thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to comment.


veganelder said...

Patty...good for you for making that stand those many years ago. Such tremendous courage at such a young and difficult age is rare and to be treasured. Thank you.

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