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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Canadian Horse Slaughter *Graphic*

From: Beth in Illinois Fighting to End Horse Slaughter (www.​myspace.​​com/​66851365)

In late February 2010, the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) received hidden camera footage of horse slaughter practices at Quebecs Viandes Richelieu and Albertas Bouvry Exports - the latter known as North Americas largest exporter of horsemeat.

The CHDC has asked a panel of veterinarians, the BC SPCA and the World Society for the Protection of Animals to review the footage, which contains numerous instances of improper stunning and horses showing signs of returning consciousness.

Early audit results of the footage show automatic failures of both facilities.

As there are only two government-​​​approved methods of stunning horses in Canada - captive bolt gun and rifle - and both methods have been shown to cause prolonged suffering in numerous horses, we conclude that these animals cannot be slaughtered humanely in todays slaughterhouse assembly lines.

The CHDC therefore calls for the immediate closure of Canadas horse slaughter plants.

Albertas Bouvry Exports

Part One

Part Two

Part Three


Part One

Part Two

Part Three


Anonymous said...

That's our Persephone! We do horses, as well as pigs and chickens.
...and cows and cats and dogs.... and all living, suffering creatures.

havetailwillwag said...

i want to watch these videos but i'm afraid.. i feel sick just thinking about the poor horses

Patty said...

I couldn't watch the videos myself. I am already haunted by other things I've seen/heard. Sometimes for my own mental well being I need to step back a bit. I wish I could do more for all animals. We live is such a wicked, wicked world. Soon I hope to be moving out of the city of Pittsburgh to the country in South Carolina with my brother. He & his wife have rescued a pack of dogs. Thank You for your comments and than you for following my blog

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