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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stop crush video website

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I also posted this as a blog, Anthony Marr was gracious enough to give the site url in his latest blog. This must be stopped! A close friend share this with and I could not get it out of my mind: "I kept thinking about the pup that tried to get away and then in desperation wagged his tail and I could not sleep for three nights" Those words haunt me now, as did the pictures posted in the comments of this old blog: Chinese Attrocities I showed it to my husband because he did not believe me, now he is telling people about crush videos, but our site is missing!



Animal crush videos are videos of small animals, such as puppies, kittens, and bunnies, slowly being tortured in the most hideous methods and include being burnt alive, nailed to the floor, beaten, strangled, stabbed, and limbs broken. All of these videos have one uniting theme: these animals are also slowly stomped, stepped on, or sat on by a woman in high heels while she tortures them.

What are seen on the Internet are only brief glimpses; most videos last about 30-90 minutes. These animal crush videos are made for a specific customer with an unusual sexual fetish and there is increased demand for such material for the shock value as well. These animals suffered a horrific and hideous death so that their suffering could be sold so that some sick person could get off on it.

It is wrong that not only are these videos made for someone’s viewing pleasure but to think that people willingly made and participated in the torture and killing of these poor animals for profit is unbelievable. What is worse is that these videos are legal to own and view! LEGAL! The Supreme Court is deciding soon if this cruelty should continue to be protected by the First Amendment as FREE SPEECH! This decision could come as early as June and no later than July, so time to get the word out is of the essence. Few people know about this growing phenomena and media attention must be attracted.

What if a child comes across something like this on the Internet? How will this affect them, or will our children become so immune to the suffering of others that they will feel nothing? What if these animal crush videos are no longer enough to satisfy these perverted people? Will a child be in the next crush video?


We must come together to stop not only the production and selling but also the viewing of these horrible crush videos! If we do not stop this then more animals will die and yes, there is a very real chance that a child crush video could be next!

We need your help. We need your voice to educate the public and to raise awareness! We cannot do this without your help! Even if you only cross post this then you are helping.

Please join us at www.​stopcrush.​org and help us find ways to reach every house hold with this message.

Your ideas, thoughts, comments, are all needed!


The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) done much to inform the public on this issue. Their efforts helped make animal crush videos illegal, as they played a large role in getting the initial act passed (Depictions of Animal Cruelty Act).

Since then, that law was overturned and the HSUS has been fighting for its reinstatement. They did a major investigation and gathered up footage, websites and names of people responsible for making and selling these videos. HSUS also submitted an amicus brief for the US Supreme Court to review in the US v. Steven's case.

U.S. Supreme Court to Review Animal Cruelty Law Will hear appeal of ruling

Both these links show the need for federal Depiction of Animal Cruelty Law

Resurgence of Animal ‘Crush’ Videos

Crush Videos Make a Comeback

Crush Video Investigation Evidence for Federal Law

(Pet-Abuse site is blocked by myspace but is an excellent source of no graphic information, just copy and paste the web address into your browser window.)


This is a well moderated and very informative site. Check out the discussions there such as people involved in this case who are fighting for reinstatement of the Depictions of Animal Cruelty Act, their contact information and the contact information (and Facebook pages) can be found here:

The People Who Have Taken Action Against Crush Videos
This is an excellent source of information of people to thank, with their contact information who have done something to stop crush videos.


This site has close to 30,000 members on it but does not appear to be actively monitored or doing anything to stop crush videos except to have the address of petition. However many people look like they really care and it is an excellent source of recruiting active participants in stopping crush videos.


Stop Crush Videos Group



Contact your state and federal elected officials and make them aware.

Contact Information United States Senate

List of U.S. Representative Offices


Contact information to all newspapers in the world

To whom it may concern;
On behalf of a growing number of concerned citizens and members of www.​stopcrush.​org, I am asking your assistance in helping raise public awareness and education on animal crush videos and related media.

Crush videos are graphic images and film of animals being tortured and stepped on, usually by a woman in high heels, till they are killed. These films average 30-90 minutes; what is seen on the internet is only small clips or previews. These videos are made for the entertainment of satisfying a consumer with an unusual fetish that finds sexual gratification through the torture of these animals. There is also the shock factor involved that is finding popularity in such audiences.

Currently, while animal abuse and cruelty is a crime, the showing of such offensive material is not. In fact, these videos are protected by the first amendment as a freedom of speech. What is not covered is the actual making of the video because animals were abused, tortured, and killed during the process of filming.

Animal cruelty is still illegal! Yet it is hard to stop the production when consumerism is involved and this is why it is so important to stop the showing and selling of such extreme animal torture; both go hand in hand.

In order to stop the production, the availability and ease of access must be stopped.
It is easy to forget that we each have a weapon and that is our voice. It is here that lies our strength and support and that is way it is so vitally important to educate and raise awareness: because with more people involved and with public backing we will be able to influence the Supreme Court when it makes its decision on this being a free speech issue in June or at the latest July. We must speak up and not risk a wrong decision by a court that thinks few are watching.

Speak, write, email, and blog, make phone calls: do something so we get the message out.

This is why I am asking you to stand up for our cause, to help put a stop not only the showing and selling of crush videos but also the production of these horrific animal crush videos. I believe with raising awareness and ongoing public education that we can achieve the vast public disapproval of such a horrible act and put pressure on our government for future laws that will put an end to such a production. And in the process save lives!

I want to encourage you to spread the word and to find ways to stop these crush videos and other media and, in the end, the production of such horrific crimes against animals.

On behalf of www.​stopcrush.​org, I thank you for all that you do to help support our cause.

Your Name
Email or contact #

(Thank you to Yevin for creating this letter.)

There are a few other agencies besides the HSUS that also fought on behalf of the animal victims of crush videos. These agencies may be valuable allies, and should be contacted, those that filed amicus briefs include:

1. The Center on the Administration of Criminal Law (Not an animal welfare group, but they submitted a brief on behalf of the animals.)

2. Northwest Animal Rights Network (NARN)

3. Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF)

4. International Society for Animal Rights (ISAR)

5. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)

6. Washington Legal Foundation and Allied Educational Foundation (Again, not an animal welfare agency, but submitted an brief for the animals)



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