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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Please Don't Let Them Repeal The Hunting Ban

The link to this page was brought to my attention by a reader who left a comment on one of my blog post: Thank You very much who ever you are.

Please Visit The Site At The Link Below:
Campaign For Decency | Please! Don't let them repeal the Hunting Ban!

We cross ALL political parties and all levels of society.   We are not politically or financially motivated in any way.   Our sole aim is the welfare of the animals and any comment made about any party is with reference to this issue alone.   We support humane methods of pest control and believe strongly in restoring the rights of individuals - but never the right to inflict cruelty and prolonged suffering in the name of sport.   We believe that an end to gang behavior can never be achieved by those engaging in it themselves.   

Captured fox


They have caught her in a cage trap. She is confused, frightened, and alone.

If this were about ‘pest control’, they could shoot her now – cleanly and humanely – but they won't.  They want to have some ‘fun’ with her first. 

They will gather in large numbers on horseback with a pack of hounds.  They even bring their children along.  The hounds have been trained specifically to follow her scent, hunt her down and kill her.  She has the advantage of speed but the horses and dogs have the stamina and will out-number her at least fifty to one.  

They will be followed by a ground crew in vehicles.  These men will have shotguns and dogs that are specially trained to flush her out, should she manage to find refuge underground.  The odds are stacked against her.

They will chase her through the countryside with barking dogs and blasting horns.  She will be gripped with fear and stressed beyond capacity until finally, her internal organs failing, she'll be exhausted and unable to continue. 

The hounds will attack in a frenzy and not with the fictional first bite to her neck to cause an instant death.   In fact, most of the bites will be to the limbs and abdomen.  She is literally being torn apart, while still alive.  She will feel every second of this unbearable pain.  The worst of the gang members will watch this ordeal with pride.  They will cut off her tail and use it to smear blood across the faces of newcomers – usually the children. 

Warning - If you are not a member of one of these gangs, the picture  below will be disturbing.

                                   This is how her day and her life will end.

This is how her day will end


Is this your idea of sportsmanship?

 It certainly isn’t ours!



Please help us by registering your support to uphold the ban!

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