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Monday, January 11, 2010

Boycott Puppymills

Reposted with thanks to: Kindness of Strangers for the Earth and Animals

Keep in mind that a lot of pet stores have animals that are captured in the wild that belong in the wild. Reptiles, amphibians, tropical birds, spiders, etc. These creatures are not domesticated. To keep them in cages is to cause them suffering. i strongly advocate that wild creatures be left alone in their natural homes, where they can follow the natural rhythms of life. Please don't buy them.

Thank you!

Every penny you spend in pet stores that sell animals directly supports the pet mill system. Don't let the pet store owner or workers tell you any differently, they may not even know about the realities of this inhumane trade. The pet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, that includes the mass production of puppies & kittens for America's pet stores. Consider this: no matter how kindly a breeder treats his or her animals, as long as dogs & cats are dying in animal shelters & pounds because of a lack of homes, no breeding can be considered "responsible."  Click here to read why.

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The US commercial dog industry is a network of breeder's and brokers regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The industry centers around the states of Missouri & Kansas where seventy percent of all pet shop puppies originate. Pet stores, from small "mom & pop" stores to large franchise stores, all claim they don't get their puppies from puppy mills.

The truth is that most pet stores get their puppies from brokers (middle men licensed by USDA to buy & sell puppies on the wholesale level). The brokers buy their puppies from mostly USDA licensed breeders. These breeders mass-produce puppies, often by the hundreds or even thousands, & then wholesale them to brokers or pet stores. Despite what the pet store may have told you, puppies bred for pet stores are seldom bred by "private" breeders, or "local" breeders.

Pet stores often claim they visit all of their breeder's personally. According to the reputable, this is an outright lie.  Click here to read more on this. Also listed are the many things you must watch for before you buy a puppy. But why breed or buy while shelter animals are killed at a rate of 5 million animals a year?

Please, boycott pet stores that sell animals!
And politely inform the store owners why.

We are entering into "puppy season." 60% of all pet store puppy sales occur between Nov. & Jan. Then, come the New Year, the shelters will be overwhelmed with many of these animals, discarded as unwanted or unmanageable. These videos below are really informative, I urge you to watch them & share them. Post them to your pages. Email the links to friends.

The first video is a slide show of facts that outlines the USDA minimum standards regulations for puppy mills. You will read for yourself why dogs living at commercial breeding facilities that are in full compliance of the law are not living in conditions which the average person would consider the least bit humane. As you read the facts shown, keep in mind that these dogs will live out their entire life under these conditions. There is no graphic content in this video.
The USDA and Puppy Mills

youtube source

A look into the lives of the parents of pet store puppies:
Keep in mind that most of these dogs will NEVER leave their cages. Almost all of these images are from licensed, USDA facilities, most with no violations on their USDA inspections.
There is no graphic content in this video

Listen to what eloquent actress Charlize Theron has to say about puppy mills,
showing saddening undercover footage from puppy factories:

youtube source

From "The suffering the adult dogs endure in USDA licensed kennels is beyond belief -- it's barbaric! And yet, it is legal, it is licensed, and it is the norm. These are not videos we have conjured up or clips we picked through to show you the worst of the worse; in fact, we have worked hard to show you the norm and in most cases have removed the extreme graphic images we see nearly on a daily basis." Watch more of their videos at

I compiled this post using reliable information from, a non-profit organization, home-based in Missouri, the puppy mill capital of the world. Their mission is to provide data to the general public about the commercial dog breeding industry. I also sourced Thank you for sharing this post widely & repeatedly!

It's crucial to distribute this info as widely and as often as possible during the holiday shopping season, when 60% of all pet store puppy & kitten sales occur!
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