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Monday, October 26, 2009

Egss From Free Range Chickens? Think Again

Free-Range products promote animal cruelty:

Animal agriculture, even free-range or organic animal agriculture, is by its very nature cruel. Any time an animal, even a free-range animal, is used as a commodity to be consumed -- or treated as a piece of property -- corners are cut and the animals lose.

The Boston Vegan Association sums this up well:

"Within a system in which animals are human property, even their most significant interests can be (and are) trumped by the comparably trivial human interests in profit and efficiency. Attempting to 'balance' the interests of a piece of property against the interests of a property owner is like trying to deal a fair hand of cards with a rigged deck - it simply can't be done, because the mechanisms in place are fundamentally unfair."

As a result of this "rigged deck," animals in "free-range," "cage-free" and other systems are still often subject to some or all of the following abuses:

- Overcrowded living conditions
- Denial of veterinary care
- Abusive handling
-Transport through all weather extremes
- Painful mutilations (debeaking, castration, dehorning, etc)
- Unproductive, "spent" or "by-product" animals, such as male chicks of the egg-laying industry, are killed by methods such as suffocation and crushing.
-Violent slaughter

Besides, if you wouldn't eat your free range dog or cat, why would you eat any other animal who has the same passion for life?

Many of the labels such as "cage-free," "kosher," etc. are misleading and sometimes downright meaningless.

"Free Range" means that the animals must have some access to the outdoors, but there are no government regulations about how much outdoor area must be provided.

United Poultry Concerns, an advocacy group for poultry, describes the typical free-range egg farm like this:

"Typically, 2,000 or more hens - each hen having only 1 to 2 square feet of floor space - are confined in a shed without access to the outdoors during their lives. If the hens can go outside, the exit usually is very small allowing only the closest hens to get out. The yard may be nothing but a mud yard saturated with droppings and intestinal coccidia and other parasites."

Even Richard Lobb, a spokesperson for the National Chicken Council admits, "Even in a free-range type of style of production, you're basically going to find most of them inside the grow out facility..."

Investigations of free-range farms by Peaceful Prairie Sancuary and East Bay Animal Advocates highlight some of the cruelties endured by free-range turkeys and hens.

"Cage-free" eggs means that the birds aren't in cages, but the majority of cage-free eggs are produced by hens forced to live in overcrowded sheds. These living conditions aren't as horrific as the typical battery cage, but overcrowding and cruelty are still common occurrences in many cage-free operations.

"Organic" dairy products and eggs require that the animals be fed organic feed, but it doesn't prohibit cruel treatment such as mutilations without painkillers, intensive confinement or separation of mother and young.

The "UEP Certified" logo found on many egg cartons means the eggs were most likely produced in typical battery cage egg farms. Eggs marked with this logo allow for birds to be crammed in cages so small that they cannot even flap their wings.

To view disturbing video footage of animal cruelty at UEP Certified egg farms click here, here, here and here

Learn the truth.
Demand the truth.
- Dairy is rape


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