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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Commentary: Animal Rights Terrorists: What Every Neuroscientist Should Know


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Mr. Kordower:
Apparently, you need help in differentiating.. between an individual intent on killing as many people as possible, through violent acts -- TRUE TERRORISM -- as opposed to those who have never shed a single drop of blood -- animal rights activists. You state: "The disgraceful, illegal, and immoral tactics used by animal rights activists to forward their agenda have led to the federal government labeling them as domestic terrorists..."

You should know that others in our society are being labeled terrorists, as well. They are actively, yet, non-violently opposed to U.S. military and corporate interests, murdering millions of people around the world for profits and power. Instead of making the pursuit of money their God, they choose to concentrate on helping the homeless; poor; elderly; other words, all of those voiceless and disenfranchised.. by our government, who always has more than enough money to kill, but never any to support the helpless. Peaceniks, animal rights activists and environmentalis..ts are the new terrorists, because it is politically expedient to publicly discredit them -- not because it is justified.

Labeling activists as terrorists is one of the most blatant, politically motivated, propaganda tools employed since McCarthy discovered a communist behind every rock in America. You must be naive, dense or perhaps hiding a more nefarious agenda which has your own self-interest at heart, to be unwilling or unable to discern vandalism from terrorism.
In a nutshell: Congress and the White House are now completely run by corporations. Those corporations write our laws. That legislation is always true to the #1 interest of big business -- profits. Now, along comes another pesky, social justice movement that actually cares about the suffering of the powerless, where, unlike you, the individuals involved aren't in it to make a single dime. It begins threatening corporate profits. Profits of people like you, who have a vested interest in lying to the public about what you do, in order to garner ongoing support for obscenely lucrative research grants. As long as "scientists" can continue to rotate the eyeballs of kittens in their sockets and call it necessary for human progress; or force a monkey into a crack habit -- by the way, just how many crack-smoking, nicotine-..sucking, monkeys are there in our jungles? -- then you will continue to live a life of luxury built on torture and murder... and nothing is more "extreme" or "terrorizing" than torture and murder; unless of course, it is carried out under the guise of goodness and light -- or in the case of vivisectionist propaganda -- helping humanity. Who is really disgraceful and immoral, here? Someone rescuing a kitten or puppy from a person like you who's getting RICH from torture and murder -- or the one who gets NOTHING but jail time for attempting to stop evil personified?

Brennan Browne


Commentary: Animal Rights Terrorists: What Every Neuroscientist Should Know.

Jeffrey H. Kordower, Chairman and Committee for Use of Animals in Research, Society for Neuroscience Department of
Neurological Sciences and Research Center for Brain Repair,
Rush University Medical Center , Chicago , Illinois 60612

The disgraceful, illegal, and immoral tactics used by animal
rights activists to forward their agenda have led to the
federal government labeling them as domestic terrorists, a
very well deserved categorical name. The types of terrorism
engendered by these groups are varied, but most recently their
most violent and troublesome acts have occurred at the homes
of neuroscientists... Drs. Ringach and Jentsch have detailed
many of these terrorist attacks in their accompanying
commentary, and I will not review them here. ...
In summary, as individual scientists I urge you to be
proactive, be concerned, and be a loud voice for the
responsible use of animals in research and be completely
intolerant of criminals' intent on preventing the honest
performance of our important work.
Correspondence should be addressed to Dr. Jeffrey H. Kordower,
Department of Neurological Sciences, Rush University Medical
Center, 1735 West Harrison Street , Chicago , IL 60612 . Email:

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps the animal rights people DON'T really know or care to know whos backing this movement up. I would look in the shadows of whos who in this movement. Yes there are people who have killed hundreds of humans that were involved in this movement. The ar movement tries to talk the talk of the innocent. But I see whos in the shadows. Better run....

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