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Monday, October 12, 2009

Dolphin Slaughter

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This bulletin contains the addresses of Japanese officials to whom you can email or write and demand that they end this barbaric massacre of innocent lives. People who condone this mass murder of beautiful and friendly dolphins and whales claim that it is a Japanese tradition that cannot and should not be changed because then it would be “hard-working fishermen” out of work. If this “tradition” is so precious to the Japanese culture, then why has been kept a secret for so long? It is because they know that this slaughter of innocent lives is wrong and it is murder. No “tradition” is worth the torture and murder of countless innocent dolphins and whales every year. Please write to these Japanese officials and demand that they put an end to this heartless slaughter permanently and immediately..
Please send letters and email to:

Prime Minister of Japan

Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda
1-6-1 Nagata-cho 1 Chome
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8968 JAPAN

Fax: +81-3-5511-8855
E-mail form:

Minister of Fisheries

1-2-1 Ksumigaseki 1 Chrome
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8907 JAPAN

Tel:..+..81-3-5510-3303 (direct) or 3-3502-8111
Fax: +..81-3-3502-8220 or +81-3-3502-0794

Embassy of Japan in Washington DC

Ambassador Ryozo Kato
2520 Massachusetts Ave, NW
Washington DC 20008-2869

Tel: (202) 238-6700
Fax: 202-328-2187
Hours: M-F 9:15-12:30 and 2:00-6:16

Or to contact a consulate or embassy near you, please visit:


For a sample letter of how you can contact Japanese officials and urge them to end the brutal slaughter of innocent dolphins, please remember the most important writing tip on how to write an effective letter - First and foremost, always be polite and respectful in all your communications with officials. Do not be combative or argumentative regardless of the difference between your point of view and theirs. These beautiful animals are worth putting your personal feelings of anger aside in order to communicate effectively..

Sample letter:

“I am outraged by the annual brutal slaughter of dolphins and whales that takes place in Japan. The images of bloody red water clearly show the world that Japan has little respect for the state of the world’s oceans and for the conservation of the marine resources it claims to support.
Many scientific studies show that the oceans are in decline. We must take whatever actions are necessary to stop their over-..exploitation and to protect the creatures that live in them. These dolphins do not belong to Japan. The status of the species of dolphins and whales that you kill are either endangered, threatened, or unknown. It is an unthinkable waste that they will likely end up as a meat product or deceptively sold as whale meat, polluted with toxic levels of mercury and cadmium, killing people that eat it. It is tragic and unacceptable that the remaining dolphins that are not killed will end up destined for death in an aquarium, water park, or "swim with dolphins" program.
In addition, the methods used to kill these animals are cruel. Corralling the dolphins into bays, then making them suffer a long and painful death by spears, hooks, and drowning is an inhumane way of fishing. This action is disgraceful and has caused much disappointment in the international community.
We demand that Japan permanently and immediately renounce and stop this slaughter. We will work diligently to bring this issue to international light until you have ceased your reprehensible violence..
Please write these Japanese officials immediately and demand that they put an end to this annual massacre of innocent lives. Please help speak on behalf of these friendly, beautiful and defenseless dolphins and whales. Use your voice and compassion to bring an end to this horrific bloodbath and help save these innocent lives.. Who will be their voice?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we will respond as soon as we are able
save them
Support animal rights



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