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Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Sweet Story of A Mouse's Rescue.

By Marguerite White of England
One evening, our kitten was playing and as I walked past, I saw something very little.  I bent down and saw that it was a very still mouse, so I gently pushed it into my empty teacup. I didn’t want to go get anything else to catch it, just in case another cat pounced on it. The kitten was just staring at it and I think he was waiting for it to move. The mouse seemed all right and it was late evening, so I found a container to put it in until morning. I never saw an injury but could see that it was frozen with fear.
The mouse was all right in the morning, so I got a cage out of the shed, which had plenty of room. I added grass and shredded paper and a small container of water.  I also sprinkled gerbil food. I didn’t know much about what mice ate, so I improvised. It seemed to thrive and we had the little one for more than three weeks.  I knew it was time to let it go when it had become bigger and stronger, so I reluctantly took the cage into the garden and went to a shady covered area with loads of shrubbery.  After I released the mouse, I put the cage contents near it so it felt safe and said, “Goodbye little mouse.  I hope you find your family.”

Some Harm.  Others Rescue.

What’s most remarkable about Marguerite’s story is that she showed compassion for a small creature that many others treat with contempt.  Because mice are so often the victims of intensely cruel traps and poisons, it is truly refreshing to look to Marguerite’s example of compassion.


veganelder said...

Good for Marguerite...the small ones are as deserving of compassion as any of us. Thanks for posting this!

Nicola said...


Pippa said...

Great story. Loved it. I'm glad to see there is some compassion left in the world.

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