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Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Sheer Terror of Slaughter ~Meat Eaters Ingest

"I woke up in the middle of the night after dreaming about cows dangling from ropes tied around their hind legs. The animals moved slowly down the line, twitching as the life ebbed out of their bodies, blood spurting from gashes in their necks delivered moments earlier by a man
wearing a bloodstained smock.


Occasionally, there would be an animal, still alive, mooing loudly and
shaking spasmodically, seeking a way to escape. In my dream, one animal
made eye contact with me, her eyes bulging, wild with pain and fear.

Once awake, I envisioned their enormous udders, some still filled with
milk. White creamy discharges mix with dark red blood and feces,
dripping from lifeless carcasses to the concrete floor. I imagine the smell of the slaughterhouse... A thought comes into my mind. What happens to the flesh on their faces, cheeks, lips, and eye sockets?

What happens to the anus? What happens to the udder? Do these body
parts become a cruel joke for Ronald MacDonald? Do you really "deserve
a break today" or desire to "have it your way?"

I was reading truths about how pigs met their death.

"These hogs get up to the scalding tank, hit the water, and just start
screaming and kicking.I'm not sure whether the hogs burn to death
before drowning. The water is 140 degrees. I do not believe the hogs go into shock, because it takes them a couple of minutes to stop thrashing.


I think they die slowly from drowning."

"When a conscious cow arrives at the first hind-legger, usually the
legger tries to make a cut to start skinning out the leg.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult and dangerous to do that when an
animal is kicking violently. So the legger will cut off the bottom part
of the animal's leg he's working on with a pair of clippers.
Her book does a remarkable job of exposing the cruelty applied to 8
billion farm animals each year. Each one dies a painful death.
Killers become so used to the act of killing that these animals are treated with great disdain.
Sometimes they are brutally tortured before and during

Robert Cohen
Executive Director
Dairy Education Board<>

Slaughterhouse:.. The Shocking Story of Greed, Neglect, and Inhumane Treatment Inside the U.S. Meat Industry

"When we tell ourselves we're eating meat from "humanely raised animals," we're leaving out a huge part of the equation. The slaughtering of an animal is a bloody and violent act, and death does not come easy for those who want to live."

" Colleen Patrick-..Goudreau

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havetailwillwag said...

thank you for reminding me about what animals raised for slaughter go through. its easy to forget how that meat ends up on our plates when we don't see it. i have been bad this year and slipped up a few times.. i needed this wake up call to keep me away from meat 100% of the time.

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