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The links to the many sites that I've included contain information that I believe to be relevant, be it the graphics, the videos, the undercover investigations, etc. . Exposing & and ending the brutality and savagery inflicted on the non-human animals is what I am focused on. I strongly believe that every voice against animal abuse/exploitation is of value and -and- collectively we have the power to end it. I am here for the animals, not for anyone's approval and for that I make no apologies. ** I do not promote violence towards humans. ___________________________________________________ Bookmark and Share

Thursday, March 22, 2012

*Graphic Video* Public Festival Pig Slaughter

I won't watch this, I can't watch this, From the description I'm sure it would push me over the edge for years. I've no doubt that at minimum 75% of earths population are sociopaths...incapable of empathy and compassion, willing to involve themselves in all levels of violence, torture, killings for profit and pleasure. Every single week I run into at least one or two a new forms of animal torture that I've never seen before...It. Never. Ends.


veganelder said...

These things are "snuff" films for the masses. There are no words...

Traveller said...

I agree with you about people being sociopaths; however, I feel very strongly that the number is much higher than just 75%.

I too am unable to watch the video you've posted. The sick, horrendous image of the animal who is not doubt terrified, ashamed, and in so much pain makes me want to kill people who are monsters.

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