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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Don't Be Deceived by HumaneWatch

Digging Through the Dirt: Don't Be Deceived by HumaneWatch

Don't Be Deceived by HumaneWatch

It's sad to see that some animal-rights activists have bought in to HumaneWatch's deception.

It's also easy to see how they've been duped.

HumaneWatch is a bogus Web site created by Rick Berman and David Martosko of the deceptively named Center for Consumer Freedom. It even has a Facebook page and runs ads on Facebook that hide the CCF's anti-animal/pro-corporate stance.

What animal lover could find fault with a photograph of a cute puppy (right) followed by this copy?
Love animals? You'll love HumaneWatch too. You'll help us keep national "humane society" groups HONEST.
But if animal lovers knew who funds HumaneWatch and the CCF, they'd never agree to join such a group.

The CCF is funded in part by animal agribusiness, and Martosko relishes calling animal activists "wackos" and "nuts."

As I've noted before, the goal of the CCF is to discredit The Humane Society of the United States, to make it less powerful. The CCF doesn't care about dogs and cats in local humane shelters. That's just a ploy. What the CCF does care about is preventing The HSUS from passing ballot initiatives that will hurt the CCF's animal-agribusiness clients.

Sure, it's good to have oversight of organizations, whether they be billion-dollar corporations (like BP) or charitable groups. However, the CCF is obviously the wrong entity to be doing the so-called monitoring.

For more information about what HumaneWatch really is, check out this video created by an HSUS supporter, without input from The HSUS.

Don't be taken in by the cuddly puppy in their ad or by the animal-friendly sound of "HumaneWatch." The people behind it are heartless, greedy businessmen whose lack of a conscience allows them to go to great lengths in their deception.


veganelder said...

Excellent post is appalling what greed will drive people to do. Thanks for outing these liars.

Patty said...

veganelder: Thank you so much for your comment. Rick Berman is a very destructive human being, you can read more about him here:


Anonymous said...

We have a Facebook page dedicated to exposing Humanewatch's anti- animal agenda. It's called "Stop Humanewatch" - please join us. Also check out our website "" and our YouTube channel "Stop Humanewatch". There are lots of us outraged about this!

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