Note To My Critics:

The links to the many sites that I've included contain information that I believe to be relevant, be it the graphics, the videos, the undercover investigations, etc. . Exposing & and ending the brutality and savagery inflicted on the non-human animals is what I am focused on. I strongly believe that every voice against animal abuse/exploitation is of value and -and- collectively we have the power to end it. I am here for the animals, not for anyone's approval and for that I make no apologies. ** I do not promote violence towards humans. ___________________________________________________ Bookmark and Share

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Eating Live Octopus *Disturbing Video*

When I came across these videos I found myself so filled with rage & hate for these pieces low-life, human garbage that I was actually hoping to see one of them choke to death on their victims. Octopus have an advanced nervous system. Humans; the most despicable, vile, repulsive creature on the planet. No morals, no compassion, no empathy, completely devoid of any redeemable quality. As if Raising and killing animals to eat was not bad enough, we've sunk to an even more contemptible level.


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